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Reliable Vehicle Transport in South Africa

Reliable Vehicle Transport in South Africa

Reliable Vehicle Transport in South Africa

Reliable vehicle transport is a requirement in South Africa.  Intercity Auto Movers have a passion for transporting anything with wheels across South Africa.  With a well-trained workforce and decades of experience, we offer our customers a pleasant and reliable vehicle transport experience from start to finish.

But do not take our word for it, go onto our testimonials page and view the positive reviews.  Our workforce is hands-on and goes over and beyond to make sure every shipment is done efficiently and safely.

We have open-air trailers that are affordable and the most popular method of car shipment in South Africa.  We use the same trailer that auto dealers use when shipping their new cars from the manufacturer to the dealership.  This is a safe and reliable method of shipping and is used by more than 95 percent of transporters. Was your car repaired in Cape Town, but you live in Johannesburg? Intercity Auto Movers will collect your car from the workshop and deliver it to your door.

Have a car delivered with VIP treatment

Intercity Auto Movers will deliver a car to a client with VIP treatment for you.  We wash it and do a personal VIP handover.

Dealership exchange? No problem.  We deliver to a customer faster than you would think is possible. We also offer rental car exchange deliveries.

Do you need your beautiful vintage delivered? We move it for you and treat it as a VIP service.  Our team is hands-on and well-trained in loading anything vintage and non-running.

Racing cars are a special breed as they are very low or wide.  These types of cars qualify as non-runners as the racing fuel has to be drained before loaded – for safety reasons.  Intercity Auto Movers is well equipped for handling these types of loads. We also offer other types of reliable vehicle transport to many major cities in South Africa.

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