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How To Transport a Vehicle

Vehicle Transport Companies

How To Transport a Vehicle

How to transport a vehicle in a few easy steps. There are times it isn’t suitable to drive a vehicle across the country, this is where the use of a shipping provider is helpful. Intercity Auto Movers can lessen the frustration by shipping your vehicle safely to its required destination. Here is a list of steps to follow;

  • Contact an auto transport service
  • List your vehicles basic info
  • Choose how you would like the vehicle shipped
  • Get your vehicle insured

Contact an auto transport service

Check out all listings of auto movers in your area or Google maps. Intercity Auto Movers delivers to major cities in South Africa. We can get your vehicle to its destination without the stress or costs involved.

Shipping is often the perfect option for people who have to move hundreds of miles overnight and would prefer not to drive their vehicle.

List your vehicles basic info

When you start filling out your shipping documents, you may be asked for details such as:

  • model
  • make
  • year
  • mileage and running condition

Based on this information, expenses are calculated and the best options are given.

A compact 4-door vehicle that is running will be less costly than a non-running vehicle that isn’t starting. Make sure to record your vehicle’s information as accurately as you can, this will remove any future disputes or surprise fees.

Choose how you would like the vehicle shipped

In some cases, you will be given a choice of how you would like your vehicle shipped. Intercity Auto Movers offer open-air trailers and rollbacks. We move priceless collections across South Africa safely and at an affordable rate.

Get your vehicle Insured your vehicle before having it transported

There are good policies available that safeguard your car from damage caused during delivery. It is far better to pay the high insurance costs than to pay if something had to happen to your car in transit. Check your current policy and see if it covers:

  • Long Distance Shipping
  • Damage caused by debris and the elements

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