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Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car in South Africa

Cheapest way to ship your car in South Africa car

Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car in South Africa

The cheapest way to ship your car in South Africa is on an open multi-car trailer. When you choose this option, you are choosing the cheapest way to ship your car.

When you use long distance shipping method, the most affordable option would be on a two-level trailer. You would have seen these trailers on the highway all over South Africa. Open transport is suitable for most vehicles and is the standard method of shipping over long distances across South Africa.

Why is open-air car transport is the best option?

This method of shipping is faster, affordable, and safe. There are many open-air trailers on the road, making it easier to book your preferred arrival time and shipping method.

Open-air shipping is affordable as there are up to eight vehicles on one carrier sharing costs. An open-air trailer is affordable with fuel as it is lighter than an enclosed trailer.

The three types of open car shipping, include:

  • 8 car multi-trailer – the most popular option.
  • 6 car multi-trailer
  • 8-tonner rollbacks
  • 5-tonner rollbacks
  • Sling trucks (4×4)

Terminal to terminal shipping is cheaper than door to door

If you live outside a major city, hauling your car door to door will cost more. The reason for this is that we stick to major routes instead of the road less travelled to drop your car. Door to door is less affordable and not as fast. It is cheaper to take fewer trips with multiple cars and suits those who are in no hurry for their vehicle.

If you find that the difference between terminal to terminal and door to door is not that great, then we would suggest door to door – simply for convenience.

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