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Avoid Car Transport Mishaps

Avoid Car Transport Mishaps

Avoid Car Transport Mishaps

Avoid Car transport mishaps and avoid unnecessary stress. Your car is one of your biggest assets and you would want the best car transport company to assist with this. If you are relocating to another province, you are already under enough pressure and certainly do not need car transport issues. Here are a few ways to avoid car transport mishaps:

Avoid Late Delivery

Delayed delivery is common and we at Intercity Auto Movers do our utmost to prevent such. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that are just beyond anyone’s power really, such as:

  • Traffic accidents and congestion
  • Severe floods
  • Bad road conditions
  • Mechanical issues

Our trailer carries one to eight cars at a time that need to be delivered on the route.  Late customers and tons of paperwork can cause delays too. Be careful of companies that can guarantee exact delivery time and date. Most companies have a window of the expected time of delivery and if the car is delivered later than the time window – they may offer a discount. Late deliveries are rare within the auto carrier business and are avoided at all costs.  Always plan ahead of time for temporary transportation while your car is being shipped to avoid disappointment.

Get the right quote

An incorrect quote can cause more trouble than you can afford to have. Things such as incorrect addresses and zip codes. The zipcode helps to prevent your car from being sent to an area in a different place that may have the same name (e.g. Berea in Durban/ Berea in Johannesburg).

You wouldn’t want your car being delivered to the wrong city or province!

Poor Communication

Hiring a car carrier is a process like no other and if there is a lack of communication and confusion there will be delays. Intercity Auto Movers pride ourselves on our impeccable customer relations from our representatives right through to our drivers.

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