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Automobile Transport Carriers

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Automobile Transport Carriers

With over a decade in automobile transport carriers, you know that you can trust Intercity Auto carriers. We are the leader in automobile transport carriers when it comes to reliability and customer relations. We offer competitive rates for transporting vehicles across South Africa and we always go over and beyond to keep our customers happy.

Are you looking to ship your car to another province? We have enough carriers and trailers to get your automobile delivered safely and on time at a reasonable rate. Request a quote online or give us a call today and we will respond with the best option for your individual needs.

We handle specialized auto transport requests, such as:

  • Dealer stock transport
  • Fleet transport
  • Auction transport
  • Vintage transport
  • Car show transport
  • Exotic car transport
  • Antique car show transport
  • Classic car transport
  • Non-running transport
  • Sports car transport
  • Racing car transport

Auto transport carriers have been helpful for car owners who need to relocate and have their cars transported to another province. Intercity Auto Movers has assisted customers with certain issues such as storage of a car or sending it to relatives who live far away.

There are various reasons one may have to transport a car. Intercity Auto Movers takes the stress of car transporting from you so that you can focus on moving to your next location. After all, who wants to drive all the way across the country and risk damage to their vehicle or worse? We get your car safely to its destination and on time.


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