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Auto Moving Companies and Buying Online Cars

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Auto Moving Companies and Buying Online Cars

If you’re buying a car online you will probably need to contact an auto moving company to transport your newly purchased car to your required destination.

Auto Moving Companies and Online Vehicle Purchases

Auto moving companies can ship a vehicle you have purchased online.  According to research done by USA consulting firm Accenture, around 69 percent of 10,000 car buyers would buy a car online. Here are some tips about choosing auto moving companies when buying a car online.

Do Your Research When Hiring Auto Movers

The general rule of thumb is to get three quotes first and then choose who you would prefer to use.  Here is a checklist of things to enquire about from the  auto moving companies you have researched:

  • Check auto moving companies insurance records
  • Verify their business licenses
  • Have a look at the company’s website reviews for any complaints
  • Ask for rate quotes

Open Air or Enclosed Car Shipping?

There are several factors to consider when shipping a vehicle:

  • Rareness and value of the vehicle
  • Open-air is safer than driving your car to its destination
  • Enclosed trailers are more expensive and keep cars safe from the elements such as hail, road debris, and snow (in South Africa there are few weather issues.

Drive and save Money

Car shipping companies move vehicles across the country.  Where the car originates from and where it will be delivered will have an impact on the cost of delivery.  If you live in the suburbs, get a car carrier to deliver to your nearest major city.

Get your Insurance Ready Before Moving Your Car

We try our best to keep your vehicle safe, but there are circumstances that can occur that are beyond our control.  Always contact your insurance company and find out what coverage your vehicle has.

  • Verify that insurance includes comprehensive coverage
  • Verify that insurance covers your vehicle in transit

 Be Patient

This will save you money! Some car carriers may have a wide window of arrival times. Enquire from their representatives about the ETA and costs involved. If you aren’t in a rush to receive your newly purchased car, you can save a lot of cash by just being patient.

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