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How do I read the quote?

A service quote, also referred to as a sales quote, is a written agreement to provide work for an agreed-upon price. We present this information in writing because it is considered an official record of the agreement between us and our client.

Please read through the quote and our Terms and Conditions, which make part of the quote.

Ensure that the details quoted on is what you have asked us to quote for.

The first section

List details of the Person / Company that requested the quote. The quote has a unique number that must be used in all future communication.

The date of issue and validity period is stated.

The second section

List different rates and transport options. A description of the transport is numbered from 1 to 4 (as applicable). Our rates include VAT.

Clarifications of general terms that may be used in the quote are defined.

The third section

List the details of the car.

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Please note.
We do not accept telephonic quote requests,
please fill in the QUOTE FORM to request a quotation.

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