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Dealership Fleet Exchange – Car and Fleet Deliveries

Are you a dealership that needs a vehicle delivered to another dealership for a customer? Choosing the correct auto movers to do the job can save you time and money. You can’t afford to keep that client waiting for their new car. It’s equally important the car arrives in its original condition.

What is a dealership fleet exchange?

As the name says, it is an exchange of a car between two dealers aka “dealer swap”. Dealership fleet exchange allows sales representatives to keep customers happy instead of losing them to another dealership that has the car they want available.

Car dealers can source you the specific model car you are looking for through other dealerships – saving you the effort of “car hunting” and wasting valuable time. All the customer need do is specify what colour, type and make of car and the dealer will do the work.

Dealerships work with other dealerships to get the brand of car a customer needs in their area. Dealerships often swap for a similarly equipped vehicle. Dealerships also request a different vehicle from the one they traded so they can replenish what they are missing in their inventory.

If you are a dealership that requires delivery or collection of a car through another dealer, let us help you. If you need a similar vehicle that is swapped delivered or collected, we can assist.

Deliver dealership fleet bundles purchases

Dealerships that purchases entire fleets don’t have to waste precious time focusing on getting their newly bought fleet of vehicles delivered to their showroom floor. You need an auto moving company to take care of all your delivery hassles allowing you to focus on selling cars.

Which car carriers to use?

Intercity Auto Movers offer car dealers a way to ship customer’s cars in an affordable way. We know how valuable your customers are and we do our best to keep everyone satisfied from start to finish.

Intercity Auto Movers are equipped to move multiple cars across major routes in South Africa. We offer a safe and efficient way to transport your vehicles. Our rates are affordable, go ahead and fill out our free online quote form on our website and see for yourself.

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