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Auto Freight Quotes Explained

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Auto Freight Quotes Explained

Auto freight quotes vary due to many factors.  Here are a few factors to look at before getting an auto freight quote.  It is important to be aware of how your specific needs are priced:

#1.  Shipping Options

There are various shipping options when having your car delivered to the destination of your choice.  Auto freight quotes will vary depending on ETA.  When you request a quote, you will fill out a form with all your requirements and be given a price accordingly.

#2.  Time of Year

The shipping price is affected by the time of year.  Prices vary during different seasons.  In the summer, costs are higher as there is a higher demand during this time. 

#3.  Economy

It is common knowledge that the economy will affect shipping rates.  The auto freight company uses petrol and if petrol prices skyrocket, this will affect the shipping price. The truth is, the petrol hikes affect transport companies the most as they not only travel long distances but carry heavy freight too.  

#4.  Size and make of vehicle

The size of your vehicle is going to be a big part of the cost of shipping.  This is due to larger vehicles taking up much more space than smaller vehicles.  The larger car also weighs more than smaller cars.  Vehicles that cost more are trucks, vans, and bakkies.

#5.  Distance

One major factor is distance.  The further the pickup location, the more mileage for the car carrier company.  The longer the distance, the more petrol and time spent towing your vehicle to its destination. One more thing to consider is, how far off the beaten track the driver must go.  This applies to those who want their vehicle delivered in a rural or urban area that is far from the main roads and highways.

#6.  Delivery Method

There are two main transport companies.  One has an enclosed trailer and the other an open-air trailer.  Open-air trailers are much more affordable and they are rather safe.  Enclosed trailers are much more expensive and the preferred choice for those who have pricey sports cars that need to be protected from rain, snow, and sun.

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