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Auto Freight Quotes Explained

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Auto Freight Quotes Explained

Auto-delivery companies did not exist until the 15th century. There were different types of automobiles around, such as steam and gasoline automobiles.  The first real automobile was invented by German Karl Benz during 1885 – 1886.

Before the Great Depression in 1929, there were 32,028,500 automobiles around. The U.S. produced 90 percent of them.  The U.S. had one car per 4.87 people. This great development brought about a need to transport vehicles from manufacturers to dealerships.  At first, they used trains, but this proved to be extremely inefficient and pricey.  That was when the first semi-truck became a sweet option for auto-delivery companies.

 First Semi-truck (1898)

Automobile designer and racer, Alexander Winton, after manufacturing and selling his first car, realized he needed a solution for more efficient deliveries. Winton loaded his automobiles on top of a flat cart, on top of an engine – at the back of a modified truck.

Winton was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention and sold his first Semi truck in 1899.  Winton’s invention was successful and many auto delivery companies used them to deliver goods.  The only negative about this invention was that I could only transport one the car at a time. 

Winton’s design did not improve much and that was when other car manufacturers took the lead and designed their own semi-trucks.

Introduction of Bi and Tri-level Auto Transport Carriers (1954-1957)

During the 40s and 50s, railroads used car loading assemblies so that they could fit as many cars as possible in a boxcar.  This idea failed as it was rather pricey. 

During the 50s, Volkswagen engineers along with German railroads designed a two-level flatcar that could carry 10 cars on one vehicle.  First used in 1954, and successfully became the first auto rack.  In 1954, Evans Products developed a bi-level auto-loader that was able to carry six cars on a flatcar.  In 1957, Canadian National Railroad introduced the bi-level auto carriers that were similar to traditional boxcars but had 2 levels, carried 8 vehicles and had doors at both ends.

The First Pure Car Carrier (1973 – today)

 The first pure car carrier was invented by Japan’s K Line in 1973.  This car carrier could load 4,200 cars.  Since the 80s, car carriers have developed rapidly. Today’s cars are mainly transported by car carrier trucks.

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