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Auto Freight Logistics In Great Demand

Auto Freight Logistics In Great Demand

Auto freight Logistics is an increasing demand in South Africa. This demand is set to increase in the next few years.

As predicted the demand for auto freight logistics will increase in South Africa by 200 percent and 250 percent over the next two decades.  Some corridors, such as those between Gauteng and Cape Town amount to 50 percent of all corridor transport – it will increase exponentially.

There are various auto freight logistics in South Africa.  There are smaller businesses with small trucks to transport goods.  Then there is a fleet of transport vehicles that travel across the country.

South Africa is in high demand for auto freight logistics – mainly long-distance corridors.  The auto freight business will grow rapidly, putting exponential strain on our already impaired road infrastructure.

Continued innovation and planning of road improvements and solutions are vital.  Future research should enable a growing acceptance to reduce such auto freight demands.

Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are becoming very demanding.  Businesses and individuals expect to get goods faster at a low or no delivery cost.  The auto freight logistics sector is under large amounts of strain to deliver brilliant service at a lower rate. 

What will the logistics marketplace look like in five years?

This is a question that is still open for discussion. There are many key disruptions facing the industry may interact.  The future scenarios consist of these four factors, weighted according to how important certain trends are:

Sharing the PI (Physical Internet)

The dominant theme in this scenario is the growth of collaborative working, which allows the current market leaders to remain ahead of the rest.  The use of physical internet is based on solutions aimed at standardized shipment sizes, labeling, systems, and procedures. 

The Big Competitors

Then there is the competition, where the competitors are large industrial or retail customers and suppliers – who become players in the auto freight logistics market themselves.  These types manage their own logistics and profit from it. 

Scale Matters

The current forerunners compete for top position by acquiring smaller players, achieving scale through innovation, consolidation, and smaller start-ups.

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