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What Car Transport Trailer and Truck is Best?

What Car Transport Trailer and Truck is Best?

What car transport trailer and truck is best? This is a question most customers ask when requiring a car trailer to transport a vehicle. You may have valid concerns such as your vehicle being exposed to the elements. If you have concerns, you can ask any one of our Intercity Auto Mover’s friendly representatives about the best option for reducing the risk of damage. We will advise you on the best car transport trailer and truck for your needs.

There are open and closed trailers in most countries but in South Africa, we use the standard open trailers. The reason for this is that it saves money and time, unlike other options. Multi-car trailers are the best option for your pocket as these trailers haul multiple vehicles at a time over long distances.

Is it safe to ship my car?

Yes, it is, when you use the best car transporter.  Do your research and all will be well. When you are shipping your valuable asset, you need to know that the car transport company can provide the service you need:

  • Research the internet for reputable car transporters
  • Make sure that they are licensed
  • Read customer testimonials
  • Request a quotes
  •  Compare quotes and testimonials and choose

 Intercity Auto Movers are experienced and well equipped, always maintaining safety standards. We are a reputable shipping company with a safe transporting history. Unfortunately, vehicles do run the risk of damage, but we still do everything we can to minimize the risk. Give our representatives a call and they will advise you on the insurance coverage and steps you need to take before shipping your vehicle.

We at Intercity Auto Movers do realize how a vehicle is a second biggest purchase many people make. This is why we will do our best to protect your vehicle as if it were our own.

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