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Vintage Car Transport Services Tips

Vintage Car Transport Services Tips

Vintage car transport is specialized and you want to ensure that you use the best car carrier to protects your investment.  It’s always a safer option to ship your valuable car and prevent damage from roads and accidents

Here are 10 Tips to help when using vintage car transport services:

#1.  Research the car carrier company

Always investigate their reputation and safety records.  Do not just trust anyone with your vintage car.  Ask around or read the testimonials left on the site you are researching.

 #2.  Find out what trailer will tow your vintage car

You would want your vintage car in safe hands.  An enclosed trailer is obviously the best option for a vintage car.  Open trailers may be cheaper, but the risk of your car getting hit by road debris is higher.  Enclosed may be expensive, but then so is your vintage car.

#3.  Ask about the company’s insurance coverage

Ask for a copy of the company’s insurance information.  Check that their policy is current and in effect by calling the insurer.  This will ensure that your car is covered if an accident or damage occurs in transit.

#4.  Check what your insurance covers

Before shipping your vintage car, make sure to contact your insurance provider and verify if your car is protected during shipping.  This is a wise way to ensure that you have extra protection in place if the shipping company doesn’t cover damage or loss.

 #5.  Empty your tank

Always empty your petrol tank to about ¼ before loading.  Plan ahead by making sure you have just enough petrol to get to the shipping company and for driving it away at its point of delivery.

 #6.  Remove all belongings from the car

Removing your belongings, such as car radios, owners manuals, and car badges will prevent any theft during shipment. 

#7.  Document the car’s condition

Take photos of your vintage car and any loose parts before shipment.  This makes sure you have documented proof of the condition of your car prior to shipment.  Should any damage occur during shipment, these photos will help you claim from your insurance company.

#8.  Take care of any maintenance issues

Leaking tanks, flat tires, or any loose parts should be taken care of prior to shipment.  This will ensure that the shipping process runs smoothly.

 #9.  Get a copy of the shipping contract

Always make sure that you read and review the terms of your shipping contract thoroughly before signing it. There are sometimes hidden clauses and terms that you do not want to miss. Read the small print and ask whatever questions you may have.

#10.  Inspect your vintage car once delivered

Whether your car is being shipped to a shipping yard or directly to your door, always do an inspection of your car.  Check for any damages before signing anything. If shipping your car to a restoration shop or a new buyer, make sure they do a full inspection of your vehicle.

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