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Sports Car Transport In South Africa

Sports Car Transport In South Africa

Sports car transport in South Africa is a unique and specialized type of transportation.  You will need to know things like how your car will be loaded and unloaded. Some sports car transport companies use ramps or – hydraulic lift.  If your vehicle has low ground clearance then you should be able to use a low ground facility.  It is always best to use an enclosed trailer for sports car transport.  Open trailers are cheaper, but your valuable sports car is not! It is better to have your sports car delivered safely and in its original condition without risk of hail, sun, rain and snow damage.

 Classic Car Transport

If you have a valuables classic car that needs shipping, rest assured Intercity Towing will deliver exceptional sports car transport service.  Classic cars need to be treated like gold as they are very rare and expensive.  Intercity Towing has many years of experience and is the preferred classic car carrier in South Africa.  There are options of enclosed and open carriers, but as we explained above it is best to use enclosed trailer due to the elements.

Sports Car Transport

Sports cars are mostly rear-wheel drive, two seated, have two doors and are designed to be fast.  This means that they are low to the ground.  Intercity Towing knows their things when it comes to the safe and efficient delivery of all types of sports cars.  Enclosed is always the best option with sports cars of any kind.  We do not want to see the disappointment on your face when your valuable sports car turns up damaged, so we will always suggest enclosed. This may cost more but will be well worth the safety and preservation of your car.

Intercity Auto Movers are sports car transport specialists. 

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