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Open Air Auto Freight vs. Enclosed Auto Freight

Open air auto freight or enclosed auto freight? A question many customers should ask.  If you want your car protected from the elements, then you would probably prefer enclosed.  The downside of enclosed however is that it is more expensive and difficult to schedule than open-air auto freight.

 Open-Air Auto Freight

This type of truck is about 75 and 80 feet long and has two levels with rows of cars on each.  There are no sides and no cover, so the vehicles are exposed to the elements.  This option is a popular one. 


This is the least expensive option.  The driver has more visibility when inspecting vehicles while travelling.  The truck is also lighter and requires less fuel.


The vehicle is exposed to rain, sun and snow with very little protection against road debris and less secure than enclosed trailer. 

Enclosed Auto Freight

An enclosed auto freight carrier has an enclosed trailer.  It has four sides and a roof and provides a safe and secure environment for your car while it is in transit.


Transporting a vehicle in an enclosed trailer is the best choice for highly prized vehicles such as classic cars, luxury or expensive sports cars as it offers high level of protection against the elements.


The driver cant do routine inspections during transit, fuel is higher than open-air carriers and enclosed carriers will cost you much much more than open-air carriers.

The best thing to do is assess how much security your vehicle requires.  An enclosed carrier wouldn’t be necessary for an old damaged vehicle.  Try to get three or four quotes for your auto freight transportation. It is better to discuss with an experienced car carrier company about the cheapest and safest way to deliver your precious cargo.

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