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Tips for Using Car Carrier for Non-running Cars

Tips for Using Car Carrier for Non-running Cars

Car carrier companies do transport non-running cars.  This does require proper planning and special equipment.  Here are a few tips when using a car carrier for non-running cars:

Hire a suitable auto carrier company

The car carrier company needs to be able to safely load and deliver your car.  Use a reliable auto moving company that has specialized equipment and experience. At Intercity Towing, we are equipped for such deliveries.

Inform car carrier company about condition of the car

The auto movers cannot assist you correctly if they aren’t informed about the condition of your car.  It will be best to let them know that they are delivering a non-working car so that they have all the necessary equipment at hand.

 Know what is wrong with the car

A big part of telling the auto hauling company that your car isn’t running is knowing why it doesn’t run.  The problem may be easy to sort out and may cost less to ship if it’s in running order.  Usually, it is best to sort out a flat wheel or battery and avoid high shipping costs.  If the car is a wreck, then it’s best to let the car carrier company know what works and what doesn’t.  Do the brakes work? Is it easy to steer? Ask yourself these questions.

Always book ahead of time

It takes proper planning to ship a car.  There are certain preparations to be made by both you and the car carrier company. By doing so, you are avoiding unnecessary costs. Another benefit is that you get the preferred delivery schedule. 

Get your car ready for shipping

As mentioned before, there are certain preparations to be made by you too.  Make sure all loose parts are secured and remove all personal belongings from the car.  The reason for this is that the auto hauling company isn’t responsible for the loss or damage of items.

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