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Shipping a Harley Davidson

Shipping a Harley Davidson

Shipping a Harley Davidson Motorcycle is nothing new to Intercity Auto Movers. Harley Davidson has no doubt fulfilled many dreams and riding experiences for the most discerning motorcycle enthusiasts. There is no better feeling than the freedom you feel on the open road and hearing the engine roar as you open up the throttle.  There may be times however that you may require your motorcycle to be delivered to another province to avoid damage. This should only be done by someone with motorcycle shipping experience and a passion for it.

There are many reasons for motorcycle owners choosing to use a transport company. A Harley owner would need to transport their motorcycle as they may not have space in a moving truck. Many moving companies will not offer this service due to the risks involved. It is much safer to use a shipping company to move your valuable Harley Davidson. Intercity Auto Movers specialize in all types of motorcycle deliveries, with many satisfied repeat customers. Ben Brits are not only the CEO of Intercity Auto Movers but a motorcycle enthusiast himself. This is why you are guaranteed the best service possible for your motorcycle deliveries throughout South Africa.

Are you going to a rally far away?

Rallies are popular amongst many motorcycle enthusiasts and it is a great way to escape into the world of motorcycles and meet other like-minded bikers. The safest way to get your Harley Davidson to a rally across South Africa is to have it hauled by a reputable motorcycle shipping company such as Intercity Auto Movers. We deliver any size of motorcycle – including trikes.

Selling your Harley Davidson?

We deliver it door-to-door to your buyer. After all, you do not need to risk the motorcycle getting damaged or adding mileage onto it.

Whether you are relocating, attending a rally, or selling your Harley motorcycle – we will take care of it all for you. Just give us a call or fill in the free online quote form.

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