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Coronavirus and Truckers Health

Coronavirus and truckers health at risk. As we know the pandemic is changing the whole face of the logistics industry throughout South Africa and beyond its borders. While many people are told to stay at home there are still essential service fleets operating daily across the country.

The transportation industry is faced with a goliath of challenges as supply chain disruptions and emergency supplies are pushing fleet companies, dispatchers and truck drivers to work around the clock. Drivers are struggling to protect themselves whilst on the road.

Truckers are stating that it is impossible to find much needed masks and hand sanitisers at supermarkets and pharmacies. We may assume that they are on the road and not at risk, biut the truth is that they are in contact with dispatchers, petrol attendents and law enforcement.

The biggest issue is the hours they are driving now. There are no long breaks as they fear being hijacked as there are very few law enforcement people around as they are tackling the lockdown.

Intercity Auto Movers would like to honour and acknowledge all truck drivers across South Africa for their courage and hard work during these trying times. In time things will turn around and we can all get back to work with a new outlook on the transportation industry as a whole.

If you are a truck driver and have any experiences you would like to share with us, please leave a comment below. Be safe and keep strong.

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