How Do I Transport My Salvaged Car?

how do I transport my salvaged car?

How do I transport my salvaged car? Whether you have purchased a salvage from an auction or need your wrecked vehicle transported to a scrapyard – we do it all. We can transport your salvaged car to anywhere across South Africa. Transporting a salvaged car can cost you thousands of rands, depending on the distance and hauler used. The cost of fuel and workforce is a catalyst to changes in transport rates. Intercity Auto Movers is a small but reliable auto transporter. We understand that our customers have enough stress when it comes to car shipping. This is why we offer competitive rates without compromising our quality standards in the car transport industry.

Hire a Reliable Salvage Transporter

It is vital that you use a reliable auto transport company for the job. Intercity Auto Movers is an experienced auto salvage transporter. We use the best equipment and methods to ensure a safe delivery. Contact us today and we will advise you on the best options and answer your questions with honesty and clarity.

How do I transport my salvaged car?

Its as simple as filling in our free online quote form or giving us a call. We do the rest. Using a flatbed trailer, winch, forklift or rollback, we are able to safely collect your salvage car from anywhere and deliver it to the nearest scrapyard or auction storage. If you require storage for a few days, we have that available too.

How do I transport my salvaged car? Answer: Use Intercity Auto Movers


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