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Hiring an Auto Transport Company or Broker

Hiring an Auto Transport Company or Broker

Hiring an auto transport company requires due diligence and understanding of how the industry works before a decision is made.  This process can be overwhelming if you are not informed.  Here we cover a few things such as the role of shippers, carriers, and brokers:

Auto Transport Broker

An auto transport broker does not have carriers and is usually not companies that offer transportation of vehicles.  Brokers facilitate auto carriers by connecting shippers with carriers.  Brokers are non-asset-based carriers or third-party service providers.

The Pros

With a broker, you would have a few more options as they are connected to many networks within the industry.  Auto transport companies may not always have the equipment required to transport a certain fleet or may not be able to move a fleet over the border into another country.

The Cons

 Dealing with a broker has its cons too.  There are many fly-by-night brokers in the industry.  The industry is a multi-million rand industry that may see a few loops holes for fraud within broker practices.

 Auto Transport Carrier

An auto transport carrier is a company that owns the truck and employs the movers that do all the work of transporting a vehicle.

The Pros

One benefit of using a car carrier is that you deal with the company directly and the person who will be transporting your vehicle – removing the “middle man”.

 The Cons

Some carriers may not be able to transport an auto since licensing differ from country to country.  Dealing only with a carrier can limit you in terms of availability, method of transport, and delivery time. Dealing directly with a carrier can mean a higher cost because of the lack of competitive bidding.

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