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Challenges Facing The Shipping Industry

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Challenges Facing The Shipping Industry

Challenges facing the shipping industry are important to be aware of.  When you are planning to move your vehicles with the chosen shipping company, it is wise to know what can go wrong so that you can avoid these issues. Here are a few challenges facing the shipping industry to be aware of:

#1.  Scams and fraud

Just like any other moving company around, the car transport company is no exception when it comes to fraud and scams.  A few red flags to take note of are very affordable quotes with a hidden fee that skyrockets the price where you do not want it.  This is unethical and called “baiting”.  The unsuspecting customer isn’t able to dispute the cost later with a company that refuses to deliver goods until the entire amount is paid in full.

Do your research before using an auto-moving company and you will avoid scam artists.

#2.  Damage

When using an open trailer, the chances of damage are high.  The reason for this is that extreme temperatures and debris cause the most damage.  When your car arrives at its destination, make sure you check for any damage such as scratches, broken mirrors, or dents.

#3.  Delayed Delivery

Delayed delivery is a common issue in the shipping world.  These problems are mostly unavoidable and beyond the auto movers’ control.  You will never hear a shipping company give you an exact time of delivery and only get an estimated delivery time. There are many things that can happen on the way, such as:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Late customers
  • Bad weather
  • Tons of paperwork
  • Accidents
  • Flat Tires

All these factors are capable of holding up and delaying the delivery of your vehicle and fleet. Car movers do try their best despite the setbacks to get your car delivered closest to the time expected.

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