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Car Transporter Hire

Transporting Car Durban to Cape Town

Car Transporter Hire

Car transporter hire is a way to transport a car. You have various options, such as:

  • Paying a carrier
  • Hiring a trailer
  • Renting a car transporter

Using a car carrier company instead of a trailer is much more convenient than renting a trailer. Cash flow and convenience are advantages. If you are purchasing your car over the internet, using a car carrier is just as good as you fetching it yourself as we do all inspections of the car prior to loading.  You are able to move the car at a time that is suitable for you.

If you choose Intercity Auto Movers, you will know that your car is well taken care of and will arrive safe and in one piece at its destination.

Renting a trailer has many obstacles that a car carrier company can get over such as restricted access and being able to tow a car that is heavier than a tonne.

Car transport hire is cheaper than hiring a trailer. It is also a safer and more convenient mode of hauling.

Hiring a car transport company

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