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What Happens With Door to Door Transport

door to door transport

What Happens With Door to Door Transport

What happens with door-to-door transport is not what you may think. An auto carrier that offers door-to-door transport has to get as close as possible to your door. This doesn’t mean your car will be dropped right on your doorstep. What it means is that it will be within the closest proximity of your abode. With multi-car carriers, it isn’t suitable in some areas as the roads are too narrow or congested to drive through. These auto carriers require a lot of space to turn and move around. There are many states that do not allow heavy vehicles on the premises for safety reasons.

An auto carrier needs a large area to turn around and they also need to consider overhanging trees and entrances. We do our best to keep your vehicle safe and without damage and by risking such areas we are increasing the chance of damage. Even if a customer assures us that there are no dangers, we cannot go by assumption and have to stick to what is fail-proof. All we require is your understanding and patience.

Door to door is still better than terminal to the terminal where you would need to collect your car 20 or more miles away. We believe in offering a service that suits all our customers but we will never make unreasonable promises as we believe in honesty.

Our drivers will look for the nearest parking area, mall, or open road to deliver your vehicle. The driver will then get into contact with you and suggest all options and you can then choose which is best suited for you.

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