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Vehicle Shippers in South Africa

vehicle shippers

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy vehicle shippers, you have found it.

Are you relocating, going on holiday, an extended business trip, or have you bought or sold a vehicle? Do you need to move your vehicle over a long distance? Intercity Auto Movers offers first class vehicle shippers at a cost effective rate.

We will collect your vehicle and deliver it at your destination. Using a vehicle shipper means you will save money on fuel, toll fees and car hire. You will cut back on the time used for travel and lower your stress levels. You can avoid

The risk factor is also being minimized – you can avoid accidents, damages or the possibility of being hijacked along the way. Added to this is the convenience of having the use of your own vehicle at your destination instead of the inconvenience, risk and high costs of a rental vehicle.

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