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Most Reliable Car Transport Companies

Most Reliable Car Transport Companies

The most reliable car transport companies are the ones that go over and beyond for you, the customer. Reliable car transport companies not only offer a variety of car shipping options, but they offer so much more at a competitive rate. Intercity Auto Movers prides itself on its reliability and affordability at all times.

Your car should always arrive in the same condition it was loaded onto our trailers. Our team of experienced inspectors will inspect the interior and exterior of the entire vehicle. Write down all the existing damage, and mileage on the odometer and take enough photos for your own records and peace of mind.

Most reliable car transport companies have policies and procedures in place to protect their customers. Even the biggest car transport companies can’t prevent all problems, so it’s essential to have insurance in place. When the car arrives, you should look over it again. If the vehicle is dirty or the car shipper prefers overnight deliveries, this is a massive red flag. Do not accept the bill of lading until you’ve done a second inspection and determined if the car hasn’t been damaged.

Check licenses and registration

Vehicle transporters must be registered. You have a right as a customer to ask for qualifications when talking with potential companies. If the company isn’t registered, look for a transporter that has legitimate credentials.

Car Transport Companies With Good Customer Reviews

Good customer reviews should be a key part of your research when looking for the most reliable car transporter. Take time and read what good reviews past customers have actually said instead of looking at the bad. If there are no negative reviews at all then there is something fishy going on.

Intercity Auto Movers is available for any queries or concerns you may have about using a car transport company.

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