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Car Transporting Tips for a Smooth Process

Car Transporting Tips for a Smooth Process

Car transporting tips when moving to a new home is always needed, especially if you have never used an auto transporter before.

We at Intercity Auto Movers will handle the transportation of your vehicle. There are a few car transporting things we need our customers to do to make the process run smoothly.

 Prepare your car for shipping

We would like to get your vehicle delivered on time, so it is important that you prepare it for the shipping process. Here are a few things that need to be done before your car is loaded.

 #1. Clean your car

A dirty car hides dents and scratched. This is important for inspection before loading so that we can make sure we delivered your car in its original condition. The inside of your car needs to be cleaned too so that there are no loose things moving around and causing damage while in transit.

#2 Disable the alarm

 Our drivers are experienced and attentive, but anyone will be annoyed if a car alarm suddenly comes on and they cannot turn it off. For the safety of others and your car, please ensure that your car alarm is disabled.

#3. Do Not Fill Up with Petrol

Your car is being transported and not driven. There is no need for a full tank.  We recommend only enough petrol to get to a petrol station after you have collected your car. Delivery costs depend on the weight and distance, so having less fuel in your tank will ensure a lighter load. Fuel is highly flammable, and the less fuel we have onboard the safer your cars will be in the event of an accident.

#4. Check for Oil and Fuel Leaks

Always check the undercarriage for leaks before booking your car for shipping. We will not load a car that has any heavy leaks as it is a safety risk. Another reason is that we do not want any leaks dripping onto the other cars when we use a multi-trailer.

#5. Check Tire Pressure

We do not want you getting stuck after you collect your car. If your tire is under-inflated, it can damage the tire and rims. Not only that, it makes it harder for us to load and offload – causing time delays.  

#6. Remove Accessories

 Accessories do make a car look good, but while in transit for delivery, these things can break. Please ensure that you remove all accessories before car is loaded onto the trailer.

 By following these guidelines, you are helping us make sure your car is delivered safely and on time.

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