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Car Transporter – Intercity Auto Movers

Car transporter, Intercity Auto movers may have been spotted on freeways in Durban and Johannesburg. You may have seen our open transport trailers doing the long haul across South Africa. Intercity Auto Movers uses open transport trailers over long distances as it is safe and affordable for all vehicles. We use well-maintained equipment to safely secure your vehicle to our trailers, to avoid alignment problems or tire damage.

When we are delivering a vehicle short distance, we will use a flatbed trailer, that can can take up to 4 vehicles at a time. Our drivers are experienced and professional, and very cautious when loading your valuable vehicle.

How do you know which car transporter is best?

Better service will be given by a car transporter that can handle bulk cars. Intercity Auto Movers does it all – from start to finish. We will give you a quote and deliver your vehicle to you. If there is a problem, we will find a solution because we care about our customers.

Intercity Auto Movers work with a network of car transporters – big and small. This will guarantee that your car will get to where it needs to be without any added anxiety on our customer’s part.

When you are looking at a car transporting company on the internet, go take a look at their reviews. There is no better way to find out what a company stands for by reading its customer’s reviews. You can see their customer reviews on Google Maps or their website. To see what customers say about us, click here.

Never use a carrier that has more negative reviews than positive ones. If they have 4 stars or more then they are reliable. Intercity Auto Movers prides itself on its 5-star reviews.

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