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Car Transport Cape Town From to Johannesburg

Car Transport From Cape Town to Johannesburg

Car transport from Cape Town to Johannesburg can be difficult and expensive without correct planning and information. Car transport from Cape Town to Johannesburg using services of a car carrier company offers a myriad of services and options for moving your car across South Africa. We do our best to ensure the process of moving your car is a simple and easy one. All our customers need to do is drop off their car at one of our terminals across the country and we will do the rest. You can either choose to pick up your car at one of our terminals or have your car delivered door-to-door.

For the most affordable option, we also offer terminal-to-terminal transport. Unlike door-to-door car shipping, you have to drop off and pick up your car on both ends. We try to make the process convenient by maintaining terminal routes throughout South Africa.

Cars are typically the second biggest investment you will make, besides buying property. Using just any car transport company to move your car can be a mistake, especially if you accept the lowest quote. These quotes are used by auto shipping brokers and companies as bait, whereafter they raise the price later during the auto transport process.

With Intercity Auto Movers, you are guaranteed transparency when it comes to quotes, delivery schedules, and anything during the entire process. Open trailers aren’t only used for car dealers. If you need to move your car, calculate the costs, time factor and you will see that using Intercity Auto Movers to move your car is the best option.

Depending on how far your car needs to be transported, will affect the size of the trailer. If you need to move your car within the state type of transportation will be two to four car open trailers. If you moving across the country, your car will be transported via a six to an eight-car open trailer.

Our drivers are very experienced and professional in all they do. They understand what it takes to get a fleet delivered efficiently and safely to its destination. Your car will be loaded onto a hauler and transported across the country. For a quote to move a vehicle from Cape Town to Johannesburg please fill out this quote request form Contact Intercity Auto Movers in Johannesburg

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