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Car Logistics Haulers

Are you looking for car logistics haulers? Do you have many questions? Intercity Auto Movers is here to help and answer all your questions. We understand that you do not know the ins and outs of car logistics haulers and are here to assist you with the entire process.

 Door-to-door Car Logistics Haulers

Getting door-to-door delivery means having your car picked up from a location of your choosing and delivered to its final destination. With door-to-door delivery, there is no need for you to drive your car far to pick up a delivery. You can arrange a location of your choice, whether it is your home, office or a parking lot nearby – we will meet you there.

 We Use Open Car Haulers

Hiring an open car hauler, it is less expensive than an enclosed trailer would be. An open car hauler is able to to haul ten cars at a time to a similar route, so it is basically shared costs for the trip. There is some risk of your car being exposed to severe weather and flying debris, but we take extra care not to take unnecessary risks on the road and would rather delay a trip to avoid potential damage.

Private Car Haulers in Durban

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