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Private Car Haulers in Durban

private car haulers

Intercity Auto Movers are private car haulers that travel to major routes in South Africa. There are times where we travel to alternative destinations where we have other vehicles to pick up or drop off. Private car haulers are companies that are small and affordable.


Benefits of private car haulers


Deal Direct with Driver


Our team of experienced and friendly private haulers will communicate with all customers regarding progress of their precious cargos. The driver will give you updates about time of delivery or if there are any delays.


Fast Pickup and delivery


Intercity Auto Movers may be a small company but we are BIG on customer satisfaction and we will go over and beyond to be efficient and professional at all times.


Choosing a private car hauler eliminates the middle man. When you use Intercity Auto Movers, you are working with the shipping company. A private car hauler own trailers that are used to haul vehicles across country. When you book with us we will make sure we handle all aspects of your car shipping process from start to finish.


Professional transporters offer instant quotes that are done manually and we will give the best rates for your needs. You can rely on us to get the job done since you are dealing directly with us. If you need a private moving company in a hurry, we will do our best to fit your vehicle into our schedule is possible. We will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the next destination. The process may be different if your location has unsuitable roads, in which case we will meet you at the closest destination.

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