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Boat Transportation Services

Boat Transportation Services

Boat transportation services are not difficult to arrange when you use Intercity Auto Movers. Whether you are shipping a boat or a yacht, there are a few steps for boat transportation services.

The Boat Transportation Process

  • Decide whether you will ship a boat by sea or land.
  • List your shipping needs so that we know the delivery location, timeframe, budget, and size of the boat.
  • Get a free online quote by filling in our online quote form
  • Once booked, share logistics with boat storage, marinas, or individuals who will be receiving the boat.

Boat Shipping Over Land is Cost-effective

Over-land deliveries are an affordable and safe way to ship a boat. Here are a few requirements for over-land boat shipping:

  • Under 12’ width
  • Masts and keel must be less than 13’6” high when loaded on the trailer

If you are a larger yacht owner, your best shipping method would be over water. This may be a bit costly as you will need to pay captains and the crew’s return costs.

Boats over 40’ that are delivered across the country are commonly shipped by ship.

Requirements for Boat Shipping

Intercity Auto Movers will take the dimensions of your boat and advise you on the best options as per your requirements. If your boat has a trailer it is important to give measurement details as we may load the entire boat and trailer on a multi-trailer with other boats. Be sure to give specific details of your boat and trailer for an accurate quote.

Intercity Auto Movers has over a decade of boat shipping experience in Durban and a reputable reputation in the industry to match. Your satisfaction is our priority and we pride ourselves on our customer relations. Get a free quote.

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