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For many South Africans, their vehicles are second to their homes. It is probably one of your most expensive assets. This is why Intercity Auto Movers insures against accidents, theft, and possible damages. One thing to note is that auto transport services may or may not have policies that provide vehicle protection that is expected. This is why we suggest you ask the auto transporter for their policies regarding insurance and coverage. Ask for proof of insurance and find out what they cover during the shipping process.

Get it all in writing

Get everything in writing. This is for your protection, in the event anything should happen.

Check with your insurance company

Your auto insurance company may cover your vehicle while it is in transit, but always make sure. Ask if the same applies while the vehicle is being hauled and if you need to notify the shipping company.

Remove valuables from your vehicle

Shipping companies do not insure any valuables that may become damaged in your car. Things such as removable electronics, CDs, decorations, and loose change should be removed.

For more information about what your options are regarding shipping protection and cover. Feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives.

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