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Auto-Delivery Services: FAQ’s

Auto-Delivery: FAQ’s

When you are looking for an auto-delivery company, there are many questions you may have. Here is a list of FAQ’s that may help:

Should I Use an Open Air or Enclosed Carrier?

Answer: There is no right or wrong choice. You know your budget and needs. If you have a limited budget, then open-air is a viable choice. Open-air is also better as it is faster. If you want to get the best protection, using a single flatbed trailer/rollback is also an affordable option and safe.

Do I Need Insurance?

Answer: Yes. We do our best to make sure your vehicle isn’t damaged but there may be rare and unforeseen circumstances, such as:

  • Hail Damage – rare, but this does happen.
  • Flying Road Debris – accounts for 10% of damages over long distances
  • Extreme storms or floods – we avoid traveling when this occurs

Auto-delivery companies do have some cover and vary from one to the other. Always check what is covered and contact your insurance company if you need extra cover.


Should I Prepare My Vehicle for Transport?

Answer: Yes. Wash your car and remove all personal items. Leave a quarter tank of fuel as it makes a difference to the weight of the vehicle. Inspect your car and take photos so that you will be able to prove if there is any new damage to the vehicle on delivery.


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