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Affordable Auto Transportation Available in Durban

Affordable Auto Transportation Available in Durban

Affordable auto transportation is available at Intercity Auto Movers. We are an affordable auto transportation company. If you are shipping your car across the country, we will handle it for you. If it isn’t on our route we will direct you to a company that is. We work with the top carriers in South Africa to ensure safe and responsible shipping for our customers.

Reliable and Experienced Auto Transporters in Durban

We take pride in that we can ship your car anywhere in South Africa. We are licensed and insured with two decades of experience in the car carrier industry. We provide high standards of security and safety for our customers. We use carriers that are equipped to adapt to the latest technologies and reduce pick-up and delivery times. This way you know that no matter who is shipping your car, they will be top-rated and work hard for you.

You don’t want to trust your car with just any old car carrier company. Things like safety and security are important. More than that, we need options. Whether you are shipping a vintage, caravan, bike, or boat – our agents will know the ins and outs of car transportation and help you find the right method for your requirements.

You have the option for door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal car transport services. We offer quotes for all options as well as other variations to choose from. Get the right shipping services and the best prices at Intercity Auto Movers.

When you first decide to ship a car, you must choose a method you will use. Most customers will choose door-to-door auto shipping in an open auto carrier. This is the standard method of shipping in South Africa. So if you are looking for an affordable auto transportation company, give us a call or fill in our online quote form and we will get back to you.

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