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Transport a Vintage Car in Kempton Park

Transport a Vintage Car

Transport a Vintage Car in Kempton Park

Transport a vintage car in Kempton Park with Intercity Auto Movers today and experienced nothing but the best in auto transport services.

We at Intercity Auto Movers understand that your vintage car is of value to you and we ensure that we take every precaution to protect your prized possession. If you need to move your vintage or transport a vintage car in Kempton Park or across South Africa, we do it all for you. Using an auto transport service minimizes the chance of accidents or losing the value of your vintage.

There are a few things you need to do when planning to ship your vintage:

Look for a reliable auto carrier company

Do not just use the cheapest car carrier. Your vintage isn’t cheap and maybe one of a kind, so take time and do your research. Read the reviews of other customers that have used the auto transport company you choose to use.

Ask about what trailer you will use to tow your car

You deserve to know everything about the way your car will be towed. Ask questions and choose what option will suit you. We normally do make suggestions that we have experience with and it is in the best interests of our customers, but we also believe that what the customer wants – the customer gets. If you are not comfortable with a certain way of shipping, we will meet your expectations as best as we can.

Ask about insurance

You will need to ask the car carrier company what they cover and what you need to do regarding the insurance of your vehicle during delivery. This means that you need to check your own insurance coverage too.

Empty the fuel tank

This is mainly for safety reasons. We require that your tank is only one-quarter full and no more. This will ensure that when the car is delivered it can be driven to the nearest petrol station.

Transport a vintage car in Kempton Park with an experienced vintage car transporter-like Intercity Auto Movers.

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