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Move your vehicle across country

Move your vehicle across the country hassle-free without complications. There are many stress-free solutions to relocate your vehicle while you move your household across the country. It may be door-to-door service you need or you are looking for a plan that will save you money. Here are some ways you can move your vehicle across the country.

Shipping your car with an auto transporter

One of the most popular ways is by using an auto mover. By choosing Intercity Auto movers you won’t have the hassle of traffic and packing on the extra mileage on your car. With open-air trailers, the cost of shipment is less than enclosed. The cost of the shipment depends on a few factors, such as weight and distance.

Shipping your car on an enclosed truck will be costly and only really necessary for countries with extreme weather and climates.

Ask the car carrier company if they offer door-to-door and local pick-up depot deliveries.

Always Use a reputable car carrier company. Check out all reviews online as well as credentials.

Call a friend

If you need a cheaper way to move your car, you could pay a friend to drive your car for you. There are many risks involved, however, such as:

  • Road accidents – make sure you are covered
  • Debris from road causing damage
  • Fuel usage
  • Wear and tear on tires and other parts
  • Extra fees such as flight back and hotel accommodation

Hire a driver

If you are not too happy about transporting your car on an open-air trailer, you could hire a driver. Driver availability isn’t always good and premiums are expected for deadline service. Be aware when hiring a professional driving service as it is pricier than both an enclosed and open-air trailer.

Do The Road Trip Yourself

As fun as it may sound, it isn’t so grand when it’s long-distance – and not safe. If you are moving a short distance away, then this may be suitable as it will save you a ton of money. If you are moving across the country then an open-air trailer will save you money and the hassle of potholes, traffic and time. .The Best Company to Move Your Car Across Country in South Africa IAMSA services