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Car Rental Exchange

Car rental exchange pick-ups and drop-offs. Not satisfied with your car rental? Has your rental car broken down or been involved in an accident?

Car rental exchanges collected and delivered anywhere in South Africa

Car rental exchanges to and from most destinations in South Africa.

When a car rental exchange is necessary

A car rental exchange becomes necessary when there are breakdowns and mechanical failures in your rental car. Not every rental car is suitable for all customers and you might be issued a car that doesn’t suit your requirements at all. We at Intercity Auto movers will collect and deliver rental exchanges and drop them at the nearest rental depot.

Mechanical problems do occur with rental cars and will need to be replaced with a running rental. Intercity Auto Movers collect the rental and take it to the customer and return it to the depot. If the vehicle is safe enough to drive, then the customer can drive it to the nearest rental depot and exchange it for another rental.

 At Intercity Auto Movers, we understand how important each customer is and will collect the rental for exchange in an efficient and friendly manner at all times. We will inspect the car before and after loading and return it in the condition in which it was collected. Intercity Auto Movers are prepared for any type of towing, be it a non-running or running rental.

Our fleet can handle any car rental exchange

Our fleet of carriers is equipped to easily load a broken down or damaged rental car onto a rollback and return it to the closest depot. Our fleet consists of rollbacks and multi-car carriers for efficient and affordable hauling of any type of vehicle.