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Car Relocation to Cape Town

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Car Relocation to Cape Town

Car relocation to Cape Town may prove to be overwhelming.  At Intercity Auto Movers we are equipped to take the load for you.  If you have surfed the internet with a fine-tooth comb for car movers that have experience, then you will know most seem to have that “wow” factor – high-class service and branding.  At Intercity Auto Movers we believe that the most important factor should be trustworthiness and transparency.Intercity Auto Movers are a well-established Auto Moving company in South Africa. We have written many tips and guidelines on our website that will help with car relocation to Cape Town.  Here are a few tips that are important when relocating your car:

Before relocating your car to Cape Town do your research

Before relocating your car to Cape Town do comprehensive and meticulous research of recognized auto movers before hiring a company. Moving your vehicle across the country is an important task, so it is vital that you use highly competitive car movers such as Intercity Auto Movers. Comparing quotes and services offered is the first step. Always be sure to specify the type of car you will be shipping, its destination, and date.

Remove personal items before relocating the vehicle

A very important step. Before preparing your car for relocation, remove all personal items. Things like car radios, accessories, and loose items should be removed. If you leave these items, the car mover will not be responsible for damages. Intercity Auto Movers always stipulates this as a prerequisite.

Inspect your car before handing it over for relocation transport

There are many unpredictable things that can happen while your car is in transit. It is therefore vital that you inspect your vehicle when it is offloaded off the trailer. You must inspect your vehicle from top to bottom to make sure there was no damage during travel. If you are using a driver to fetch your car, he must have a copy of the transport contract for close inspection. There are unfortunately many car movers who tend to cover traces of damages, where there are any. You should inspect your car before signing the transport contract, otherwise, you will be in a position to cover the damage costs.Relocation assistance

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