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Vehicle Repatriation across South Africa

Vehicle repatriation across South Africa? Intercity Auto Movers know-how! We have been doing it for years.  Vehicle repatriation is the process of returning a vehicle that has broken down to its original destination where it will then be repaired.  Intercity Auto Movers are equipped to get your broken down vehicle safely to its destination for repairs.  Our team of experienced specialists in the logistics industry is available for any queries you may have concerning vehicle repatriation.  We collect and deliver to your door throughout major routes in South Africa. If your car is being repaired in Cape Town and you need it delivered to your door – Intercity Auto Movers can assist. towing a caravan when a vehicle has broken down? Intercity Auto Movers can move it for you.

Road Accident Assistance

If your vehicle is immobilized due to a road accident, we may arrange for the vehicle to be taken to your preferred workshop for repairs. If your vehicle needs storage overnight after a breakdown, we can arrange that for you.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside breakdowns are stressful and dangerous, especially in South Africa.  Whether the breakdown is a flat tyre or your engine has ceased, you will need roadside assistance.  Intercity Auto Movers will tow your vehicle safely to nearest workshop for repairs.  Once repairs are done we will deliver your vehicle to your door.

Intercity Auto Movers Vehicle Repatriation