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Cheap Car Transport is Open-Air

Cheap car transport

Cheap Car Transport is Open-Air

Cheap car transport is standard practice in the industry.  We see many open-air carriers on the roads transporting multiple vehicles across South Africa.  If you need to move a new, used or classic car – open-air transport is the most affordable.  Around 90 percent of cheap car transport services use open trailers.  If you choose to use this method, you will have the best coverage and pay less.

Best Service and Rates for car transport

There may be times you cannot drive a car out of an auction or to a seller’s home – Intercity Auto Movers has experience with this.  We are aware of the high costs involved with various types of shipping and keep our rates reasonable.  Intercity Auto Movers want you to receive or deliver your valuable asset safely without the added financial anxiety – making sure your vehicle arrives in the same state it left us.

Dealership Transportation

If you are a car dealership and use car carriers to close a sale and add value by shipping the car to a buyer – Intercity Auto Movers can deliver.  If you are a buyer and want your newly purchased vehicle delivered to your door – Intercity Auto Movers can deliver.

We suggest you research a carrier’s background and make sure they have experience with this type of shipment.  Any professional car carrier company will have a customer services team for any queries you may have concerning the delivery of your vehicle.

If you need a car delivered to you from the dealer and the dealer cannot get the vehicle to you, then you can call on Intercity Auto Movers to do the delivery for you.  Intercity Auto Movers has decades of experience with dealership transportation with excellent customer reviews.  We offer experience with reasonable pricing – saving you money and the hassle of collecting your vehicle.

Insurance coverage

You may want to have your vehicle covered if it is going across the country in an open-air trailer.  If you have vehicle insurance, ask your provider what they cover when transporting vehicles in an open-air carrier. 

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