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Transporting Repossessed Cars

Collecting a repossessed vehicle requires a fast and effective response

Intercity Auto Movers are experienced in collecting and transporting repossessed cars. We know that when repossessing a vehicle surprise along with quick thinking and fast actions are needed. 

Transporting repossessed cars anywhere in South Africa

Intercity Auto Movers have assisted many vehicles repossession companies to repossess vehicles from almost anywhere in South Africa in a very short space of time. In the event, the car is locked and the handbrake is on – no problem, we can load and transport the vehicle on a Rollback. We work with every brand of vehicle, all dealerships and auction houses in South Africa. 

A bank or dealership can repossess a vehicle that hasn’t been paid according to a financial agreement.  Repossession usually begins after payment has ceased for 60-90 days.  The debt collector may first contact the vehicle owner by mail or telephone first to avoid embarrassment and stress on behalf of the vehicle owner. If there is no attempt to reconcile then the vehicle may be confiscated at any time.

We at Intercity Auto Movers assist with the repossession collection and delivery process. We have specialized equipment that can load any repossessed vehicle for towing.