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Race Car Transporters

You need race car transport specialists when transporting your racing cars

Racing car transporters in South Africa

Do you have racing event coming up in South Africa? Transporting your own race car can be a tricky experience. 

Transporting race cars takes special care

Race cars are another special breed – normally very low and wide. And because all racing fuel has to be drained before they are allowed onto an auto carrier, they normally qualify as non-runners. Our state-of-the-art rollbacks and auto carriers are fully equipped and ideal for these loads.

Racing car transport specialists

Intercity Auto Movers transport race cars safely and efficiently at an affordable price.  We use rollbacks and auto carriers that are fully equipped for loading your priceless sports car.  We provide privacy, security and protection from start to finish.  If it’s to and from an event – we can do it all!

We put your needs first and ensure that your race car gets from point A to point B as smoothly as possible.

Intercity Auto Movers have specialists trained to transport you cars. That allows you to focus on the race and let the specialists handle the moving of your prized possession.