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Transporting Classic and Vintage Cars

Transport your prized collectors’ car safely in South Africa

Special care is needed when transporting classic and vintage cars

Classic and vintage cars require very special treatment. Because of sensitive clutches and often intricate starting procedures, Vintage and classic cars should be treated as non-runners. You require a team that is well trained and properly suitably equipped for these types of loads

Choose classic car hauler that will inspect your classic car before loading it. Their staff will inspect the vehicle again after unloading at its destination. Make sure to inspect your classic car thoroughly before signing it off. Make sure that your classic car is clean when you pick it up. Take photos of the condition your prised car.

Well-equipped classic and vintage car transporters are needed.

Intercity Auto Movers well trained staff and well equipped carriers are able to load and offload your vintage or classic car. Our drivers know the state of our roads and therefore take extra care when transporting your car anywhere in South Africa.

You should provide starting and operating instructions, so that our driver will know where to look for switches etc. Ensure that your classic’s battery is charged and there is enough fuel to drive away from delivery destination.

We do not allow loose personal items to be transported in your classic as we cannot be held accountable for damage during transit. Please ensure that you remove all personal belongings from your vehicle and secure or remove any loose fittings.