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Transport Student Cars

Are you looking for a transport company to deliverer a student’s car?

Transporting students car in South Africa

Transporting student cars in South Africa has become necessary

Reasons toroad carrier student cars

Is your child studying some distance away and returning home for the holidays? We don’t always feels safe when our kids travel long distances. In South Africa we are aware that our roads are not safe during peak seasons. The odds of our loved ones getting into an accident increases during the peak holiday seasons. There are more cars on the road and unfortunately drunk drivers are a major issue during festive season. There are chances that their car may breakdown and let’s not forget the exhaustion students go through after the recent examinations.

How to deal with the stress of transporting students cars

Save them the time and stress of the busy holiday season by hiring an auto movers company to transport you loved ones car to its destination. Auto transport companies collect your vehicle, load it onto a car carrier, and then deliver it to your destination. Hiring a car movers will save you piece of mind knowing your loved ones will travel safely on our dangerous roads.

Hire experienced auto movers

Intercity Auto Movers have many years of reliable service delivering students cars.

We are available to return the students vehicle once the new study term begins or when required.

Booking in advance allows you to enjoy your time together without stressing the whole holiday about the return trip.