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Special Delivery – VIP Handover

Make your special clients feel important with a VIP car handover

VIP Car handover special deliveries

All clients are equally important, but sometimes you need to deliver a car to a client with that extra special treatment. We can arrange that for you by having the vehicle transported to the customer, have it washed, and do a personal VIP handover. Your VIP customer is made to feel special which they will remember. Your clients will always return for any future needs.

VIP handover special deliveries make people feel special

VIP car services are a very important part of the hosting packages for your visitors. It makes them fell special, which makes you stand out as a host that makes sure to handle all of the important details.

Which VIP handover company

We at Intercity Auto Movers understand that every customer is the most important when delivering a service or product. You want to impress and show your appreciation, and what better way than by including a VIP handover to the customer. Allow us to handle the special delivery of a car to your VIP customer and you will only hear words of praise from your happy customers. 

No matter what the occasion may be, we have the exact solution to meet with your specific travel needs.  You will remember us for the quality of our customer service, clear communication, and reliable and fast access.

Intercity Auto Movers are they best VIP car handover specilsts in South Africa.

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Special Delivery – VIP Handover