Price Structure

  • Prices are quoted per vehicle for different transportation options. The appropriate transport medium will be selected by Intercity Auto Movers, depending on the number of vehicles to be moved at a time, the urgency of moving vehicles, the condition of the vehicles to be transported and access to the vehicle. 
  • Prices quoted include all costs, including toll fees, but excludes any subcontractor fees for specialized recovery of vehicles, technical assistance or any form of subcontracting that may be required for the loading or recovery of customer vehicles. 
  • Prices quoted will usually exclude VAT, unless specifically stated otherwise. 
  • Where transport has been quoted for a running vehicle, it implies that the vehicle can be started and driven onto a truck, without the need for any technical assistance (such as fuel supply, jump start or pumping tires). 
  • Although we endeavor to always provide door-to-door delivery, this service is subject to accessibility for a double decker auto carrier (length 18.5 m and height 4.3 m) to the collection and delivery addresses. Should it not be possible for the truck to access the required address, we will liaise with the customer to effect collection/delivery at a convenient address as close as possible to the required address.


No storage will be charged on vehicles in transit between loads.

Storage will be charged in the following conditions:

  • Vehicles left at our depot by customers prior to delivery
  • Vehicles left at our depot by customers awaiting collection
  • Vehicles left at our depot awaiting transfer to the harbour for export purposes

Storage in the above cases will be charged as follows:

  • First 3 work days free of charge
  • Thereafter a daily rate will apply


We have GIT (goods-in-transit) insurance, up to R7,000,000 per load, for vehicles in transit.
Transport prices are inclusive of insurance. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following are not covered:

  • Vehicles of which the individual value exceed R500k. Top-up insurance can be provided and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Classic / vintage vehicles. 
  • Racing / drift / rally cars 
  • Non-standard and built-up vehicles such as kit cars, limousines, hearses, etc.  “Project”cars

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